Skin Tone Correction – Brightening Moisturizer

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The glow and appeal of a clear luminous complexion are very difficult to compensate for when absent. Skin Code Maven has this product which will help customer’s skin appearance of even clear glowing skin. Get rid of mottled, splotchy, uneven and hyper-pigmented skin tones , skin damage, eczema, melasma, liver spots, freckles, discolorations, damaged skin due to bleaching chemicals, and  dark spots.

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2oz sample [+$25.99]
16oz sample [+$150.99]
20oz sample bottle [+$198]
32oz sample bottle [+$250]
5 gallon bucket [+$2773.90]
10 gallon bucket [+$4533.90]
25 gallons, in 5 gallon buckets [+$10,333]

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ProMaven Brightening Moisturizer

~Treat your customers with potent and effective product for a clear glowing skin.
~Meaningful innovative Ingredients will help customer's mottled, splotchy, uneven and hyper-pigmented skin tones, inflammation, irritation, damage, and aging skin.


ProMaven Brightening Moisturizer is a very potent and effective lotion that lightens dark spots, lightens hyper pigmentation, fades damage caused the sun. ProMaven Brightening Moisturizer will correct, repair and restore skin brilliance and clarity.

1 review for Skin Tone Correction – Brightening Moisturizer

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    latoyasskincarebiz (verified owner)

    I want to give a 41/2 cause my wish is to get a gallon sample but not possible 🙂 But I did my consultation on the 13th of August.
    l have a lot of customers with uneven tone problems and I wanted to try a natural product first before I tried a chemical one. Anyway, I received a 16oz sample, the ingredients are top hard to get out there . Started seeing results in 48 hrs within 2 weeks the results are close to perfect. overall, am happy the 4 customers I gave this too love my product. I’m excited and looking forward to a deal were I don’t have to order consultations the product seem to be working well for my customers. Just to throw this out there, the group is very knowledgeable , didn’t know what to expect but the customer services knowledge experience and product is equal to above and beyond. l will be trying a chemical product next!!!

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